Applications of OT Drive to Youth Needs

02 Sep 2019  Missy  1 min read.

Applications of OT Drive Model with Potential Young Driver Needs and Pediatric Therapists

By Missy Bell, OTR/L, DRS, LDI

OT-DRIVE by Elin Schold Davis and Anne Dickerson is “a model for general practice occupational therapy practitioners, with a framework for risk identification, treatment planning, and referral” (Davis & Dickerson, 2017). It was created to assist OT generalists be more confident about making appropriate recommendations about driving and community mobility while staying in lane of practice. Despite referencing this model in correlation with research pertaining to “older driver” needs, the developers agree that principles of OT-DRIVE can also be expanded to “youth driving”. In fact, the “algorithm pathway” created by the developers for necessary referral to a driving rehabilitation specialist (DRS) can be used with any population at risk (Dickerson, 2012).

The OT Practice article “OT-DRIVE: Integrating the IADL of Driving and Community Mobility Into Routine Practice” (2017), mentions barriers such as therapist “confidence and competence” being reasons OT’s may not approach the topic (Dickerson, Schold Davis, & Chew, 2011). Fortunately, the model reminds us that as Occupational Therapists, we are “experts in activity analysis” (Davis & Dickerson, 2017). It suggests, that with Read more…

Melissa "Missy" Bell

Missy is a licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist with pediatric and driving rehabilitation experience since 2001. She owned and operated a Driving Readiness Program for Teens as a part of her specialty OT/Educational Support Services clinic, Extra Credit! LLC.

Missy is advancing her skills through mentorship and advanced education to work with additional populations and for certification in the field. She has obtained AOTA driving badges in adolescent driving, and adult driving and community mobility levels I, II, III and is a CarFit OT technician. Missy is an ADED member and part of a task force working to improve a national safe driving standards for teens with special needs.