Age-Related Driving Assistance

Age-Related Driving Assistance

Changes in health over time and age itself can lead to questions about driving safety. Whether it be for yourself or a loved one, this can be a stressful topic especially because driving-related changes with age are different for everyone.

Some warning signs that may indicate concern for driving safety include: episodes of confusion or incidents of getting lost, unexplained dents or dings in the car, recent history of accidents, near accidents or tickets, changes in vision, sensation, or motor skills, and increasing difficulties with managing tasks like medication management or finances.

It's important for a driving rehab specialist to help individuals transition into driving retirement or cessation when appropriate and medically necessary. If done appropriately, the screening and test results should point out what's the best most logical choice for everyone's safety and the therapist should help individuals stay mobile.

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Did you know that by 2030, 1 in 5 drivers will be over 65? Here is a self-rating tool for adults over 65 years old with facts and tips about safe driving performance, AAA Older Driver Resource.