Driver Education Lessons

Driver Education Lessons

For anyone seeking assistance in learning to drive, including adults and those already licensed, I can teach you using my adapted vehicle as a Texas Licensed Driver Education Instructor. My rates for in-car safe driving lessons are very competitive. The quality of service, customization and safety standards go above and beyond traditional driving schools. Furthermore, for the special needs driver, I have extensive professional education, licensure and experience necessary for best practices.

I have worked with diverse clients in terms of age span, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities and disabilities, and various driving experiences. Since I am not a school, drivers education coursework and certificates can be obtained on your own through, or

The safest approach with conditions such as Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, SPD, visual and auditory processing differences, physical or cognitive-based driving challenges, and beyond is to work with a driving rehabilitation specialist such as myself rather than a standard Drivers-Ed School. I can collaborate with Austin Driving School or other instructors to ensure private lessons are approached in the safest manner.

In 2019 I was selected to be part of an ADED task force to add disability information to the Novice Teen Safe Driver Education and Training Adminstration Standards. We are currently revising the newly proposed safety standards and hope Texas will be following suit as soon as possible as part of our #EndTheStreak and #RoadToZero missions.

To screen your teen for Readiness or Fitness to Drive use the following tools: "Readiness-To-Drive-Safe (RTDS) Screener" and "Adolescent-Fitness-To-Drive-Safe (AFTDS) Screener", as referenced from my Resources Page.