Teaching Readiness to Teens

29 May 2019  Missy  1 min read.

Community mobility is a necessary part of human independence and socialization. While most individuals can use public or private transportation, not everyone can or should drive. As a pediatric occupational therapist, one of the most important and unique roles that I have taken on is facilitating driving readiness Read more…

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Teaching Readiness to Teens

Melissa "Missy" Bell

Missy is a licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist with pediatric and driving rehabilitation experience since 2001. She owned and operated a Driving Readiness Program for Teens as a part of her specialty OT/Educational Support Services clinic, Extra Credit! LLC.

Missy is advancing her skills through mentorship and advanced education to work with additional populations and for certification in the field. She has obtained AOTA driving badges in adolescent driving, and adult driving and community mobility levels I, II, III and is a CarFit OT technician. Missy is an ADED member and part of a task force working to improve a national safe driving standards for teens with special needs.